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Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar

Growkit Malabar (hemp mat)

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The product is intended for research and collection purposes only.

storage: 2-4°C
set includes: growkit, growbag, thermometer, paper clip
manufacturer: Shroom.it
capacity: 1200 ml

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The Malabar Growkit is one of the most interesting varieties of Psilocybe cubensis available in our offer, featuring an exceptionally rhizomorphic mycelium. This variety has its roots in the Malabar Coast in southwestern India and was the first one we started to produce entirely on our own. Our commitment to improving this variety through selective breeding methods over the years has led to its current, unique characteristics. As a result, the Malabar Growkit is perfectly suited for both experienced mycologists and those who are just beginning their journey into mushroom cultivation.

Our Flagship Product - Malabar Growkit

We produce our Malabar Growkits entirely in-house, using our proprietary method. Having full control over the entire production process, from selecting the right genes to the final stages, allows us not only to ensure the highest quality of our mycelium but also to offer it at attractive prices, lower than those of imported growkits. In our production process, we use a sorghum-based substrate, and as a covering layer, we utilize innovative hemp mats from Kombinat Konopny, which is our unique idea to replace the traditionally used vermiculite. We are extremely proud of this product and wholeheartedly recommend the Malabar Growkit to our customers. It is not just a high-quality product but also a testament to our commitment to innovation and respect for the tradition of mushroom cultivation. We invite you to experience the uniqueness of the Malabar Growkit and discover its extraordinary properties! :)

Key Information:

grzybek_grey_30.pngThe product is intended exclusively for research and collecting purposes.
grzybek_green.pngThe mycelium does not contain illegal substances (https://shroom.it/lcms.png).
grzybek_red.pngWe caution against the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. In many countries (including Poland), the alkaloids found in psilocybin mushrooms are illegal.
grzybek_red.pngBy purchasing the product, you declare that you will not use it for purposes contrary to law.

The set includes a plastic box with Psilocybe Cubensis Malabar variety mycelium, a plastic growbag, a clip, and a special thermometer for monitoring temperature. We recommend storing the product in cool conditions, at temperatures of 2-4 degrees Celsius, to prevent fruiting.

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By Spalony Johnyon 02/19/2024

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