Our team


Main manager of
Today responsible for managing the company and taking care of its development. Thanks to his somewhat geeky roots, he is also our computer, networking and implementation guy. Sometimes he complains about not enough sleep or vacation, but maybe that's what responsibility is all about? ;)

In since January 2016.



The man without whom definitely could not exist. A specialist for less and more extreme tasks. An unparalleled innovator and our expert on technical matters. His main task is to direct the production of our own growkits.
In the company since 2018.



Our Packaging Specialist.
Although she was supposed to handle shipping with us, her desire to grow and learn has resulted in her currently being primarily a mega-strong part of our growkit production department.
She has been with us since 2021



Thanks to her exceptional organizational and communication skills, we can be really proud of the level of our Customer Service ;) Gosia is the one who writes back to your messages and helps you solve problems. She also runs our social-media, marketing and deals with collaborations.
With us since 2023


We are the longest running growkit store in Poland. We have been operating continuously since January 2016, previously under the brand name In 2018, we underwent a rebranding and moved to a new location. After adjusting the hall and buying the necessary equipment, we started working on the know-how of producing growkits of our own production, and after about a year of working on the product, we became not only a distributor, but also the first producer of Psilocybe cubensis growkits in Poland. We are constantly developing - currently we occupy as much as 250m2 of production, office and warehouse space :)