Spores, liquid cultures

Liquid culture is a specialized method of growing and propagating fungi, including Psilocybe cubensis, which involves the use of liquid microbial food. This technique allows for rapid and efficient mycelial expansion. Inoculating the substrate with liquid culture is a great alternative to using spore solution. The use of liquid culture minimizes the risk of infection. Liquid cultures are produced under sterile conditions using a Petri dish and a laminar chamber.

In liquid cultures, the mycelium develops in a sterile, nutrient solution, which allows it to grow vigorously without the presence of solid substrates such as grains or agar. This method enables controlled culture, minimizing the risk of contamination and increasing production efficiency. This is especially important for delicate and demanding species.

Liquid cultures are ideal for growers who want to propagate their fungal strains quickly and efficiently. With this method, cultures can be easily stored and transported, which is crucial for the long-term preservation of fungal genetics. In addition, liquid cultures provide a good rate of substrate colonization.