Welcome to our accessory category, essential for effective and hygienic mushroom cultivation. We provide the highest quality products, developed with the needs of both beginners and advanced growers in mind.

Grow bags: Our autoclavable bags are perfect for substrate sterilization, ensuring optimal conditions for mycelium growth. Made from durable materials, they withstand high temperatures and pressure in autoclaves. These reusable bags are a key element in the cultivation process, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the culture. They can also be used as "tents" during the fruiting phase.

Microboxes: Our containers with filter patches are designed to ensure proper gas exchange, crucial for healthy mycelium growth. The filter patches allow airflow while preventing contamination, ensuring your culture is protected from unwanted microorganisms.

All our accessories are carefully selected and tested to provide the best results in mushroom cultivation. We offer products that not only facilitate the cultivation process but also enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. We invite you to explore our offer and choose the accessories that best meet your mushroom cultivation needs.