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    Dimensions: 32cm x 57cm
    Application: Suitable for sterilization at temp. 123°C. Also works great as a tent for the fruiting phase.
    Manufacturer: Saco2

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    The growbag, also known as a cultivation bag, is an indispensable tool for mycology enthusiasts interested in cultivating mycelium. This versatile bag provides the perfect environment for the development of mycelium from the colonization stage to the fruiting phase. Thanks to its sterilizability, the growbag ensures a clean and safe environment, minimizing the risk of contamination.

    During the fruiting phase, the growbag acts as a "tent," helping maintain the proper level of humidity necessary for the correct development of mushrooms. Keeping a stable humidity is crucial for efficient and healthy fruit body production, and the growbag simplifies this process by creating a closed environment that supports mushroom growth.

    Using a growbag for mycelium cultivation is a way to achieve efficient and controlled growth, allowing growers to maximize productivity while maintaining hygiene and safety of the cultures. Its simple yet effective design makes it a popular choice among both novice and experienced mushroom growers.

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