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Nasiona Morning Glory
Nasiona Morning Glory

Nasiona Morning Glory od wieków stosowane były w różnych praktykach medytacyjnych i tradycyjnych rytuałach. Obecnie...

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Kaktusy halucynogenne
Kaktusy halucynogenne

Kaktusy halucynogenne to wyjątkowo fascynujące rośliny, które zawierają związki wywołujące doznania psychodeliczne....

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Growkit McKennaii
Growkit McKennaii

Growkit McKennaii is a special kit that allows you to conduct observations and research on this famous variety of...

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Growkit Malabar
Growkit Malabar

Growkit Malabar is a kit intended for collectors and hobbyists that contains the mycelium of one of the most popular...

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Golden Teacher spores
Golden Teacher spores

Golden Teacher spores are the primary reproductive cells of this popular variety of Psilocybe cubensis, a distinctive...

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Welcome to the blog - your guide to the fascinating world of mushrooms! We are enthusiasts who share knowledge, advice, and tips on the diversity of mushrooms, their applications, and cultivation. Our blog is a treasure trove of information not only for mushroom lovers but also for those interested in their use in cooking, natural medicine, and biology.
  • Growkit with instructions
    Growkit with instructions

    Growkit with instructions is an extremely practical solution for collectors, hobbyists and amateur mycologists. Such a set contains not only an overgrown mycelium substrate of the chosen variety or the necessary accessories, but also a set of information on the rules of their use. In Poland, growkits are fully legal, as long as you do not allow the development of fruiting bodies with them. Their use is strictly hobbyist in nature, so they can be used to conduct, for example, microscopic...

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  • Which growkit to choose?
    Which growkit to choose?

    Which growkit to choose? Such a question is often asked by people who are new to mycology. This type of kit contains a special substrate overgrown with the mycelium of a specific variety of psychedelic mushrooms. Growkits can be legally purchased and possessed for observation, research and collection purposes, and various factors determine the choice of a particular kit.

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  • Mycelium in the store
    Mycelium in the store

    The mycelium in the online store is available in the form of a growkit, i.e. a kit with a substrate overgrown with it and additional accessories for collectors and researchers. On the territory of Poland, the sale, purchase and possession of psilocybin mushrooms in this form is legally permitted, provided that the fruiting bodies do not develop. You can observe the mycelium under a microscope and gather various relevant information from it, which fascinates mycologists.

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  • Malabar mushrooms
    Malabar mushrooms

    Malabar mushrooms are one of the varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, which originated in southwestern India. Their oriental and somewhat exotic name refers to the Malabar Coast. Among the characteristic features of these mushrooms are their psychedelic properties, resulting from their content of the hallucinogenic psilocybin. Although it is illegal in Poland, Malabar mycelium itself can be possessed for collection purposes.

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  • Growkit Golden Teacher
    Growkit Golden Teacher

    seeds and plantsGrowkitGolden Teacher is a special kit for observing one of the most popular varieties of Cuban coot, or Psilocybe cubensis. This mushroom is included in the psychedelic group, that is, those with unique hallucinogenic properties. The psilocybin present in its composition affects the perception of reality, the senses or perception. The mycelium does not contain this substance, so its possession in Poland is legal, provided that the fruiting bodies are not allowed to grow.

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  • Psychedelic mushrooms
    Psychedelic mushrooms

    Psychedelic mushrooms are also called hallucinogenic or psilocybin mushrooms. Due to the content of specific compounds, they have unique properties. Ingestion of such mushrooms in even small doses produces a psychoactive effect, which manifests itself in an alteration of mood, perception and state of consciousness with little effect on memory or orientation. Psychedelic varieties require the right conditions for proper development.

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  • Grzyby Cambodian
    Grzyby Cambodian

    Cambodian mushrooms are one of the varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, or Cuban coot. Due to the content of a chemical compound called psilocybin, they have hallucinogenic properties and exhibit psychoactive effects. The Cambodian variety is very popular among collectors. Indeed, in Poland it is legal to possess its spores for observational purposes, provided that the fruiting bodies containing psilocybin are not allowed to develop.

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  • Growkit in the store
    Growkit in the store

    Growkit in the online store can be purchased fully legally, which is very good news for hobbyists and collectors. Such kits contain mycelium-overgrown substrate, as well as growing accessories. Their possession is legally permitted in Poland, as long as they do not lead to the growth of fruiting bodies. For this reason, growkits can only be used for research purposes, such as observation under a microscope.

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  • Hallucinogenic mushrooms
    Hallucinogenic mushrooms

    Hallucinogenic mushrooms are distinguished by their content of substances with psychedelic properties, which primarily include psilocybin. On the territory of Poland it is not possible to legally possess, sell and cultivate them, which is influenced precisely by the classification taking into account the presence of chemical compounds with psychedelic effects. However, the spores of hallucinogenic species themselves do not have psilocybin, so they can be possessed for collection and...

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  • Hallucinogenic mushrooms in the store
    Hallucinogenic mushrooms in the store

    Hallucinogenic mushrooms in the store - can they be bought? The specific psychedelic properties of such species are influenced by psilocybin, which affects consciousness, perception, mood or senses. For this reason, mushrooms containing such a substance are often sought after by researchers and collectors. You can't buy them directly in Polish stores, due to regulations and restrictions. However, there is an option to purchase mycelium of selected psilocybin varieties.

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  • Species of hallucinogenic mushrooms
    Species of hallucinogenic mushrooms

    Hallucinogenic mushroom species are classified primarily by their content of psilocybin, a specific substance with psychedelic effects. In Poland, they cannot be legally grown, stored and sold, which is precisely due to the presence of the characteristic chemical compounds. However, psilocybin is not present in the spores of these species themselves, so their possession is permitted for research and collection purposes.

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  • Golden Teacher
    Golden Teacher

    Golden Teacher is one of the most popular varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, or Cuban coot. This species belongs to the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Their effect on sensory perception, perception of reality or mood is due to their psilocybin content. In Poland, it is legal to possess P. cubensis mycelium, but the fruiting bodies must not be allowed to grow. So-called growkits are used to grow these mushrooms for observational purposes.

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